Terms of Service

USP Nicotine Terms of Service (ToS)

Please read our terms of service prior to any transaction:


Age Restriction

Our products are not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Delivery Times

For UK orders we use a sub-contacting delivery company who take between 2-5 working days in transit, before your order is received. For Next Working-Day Delivery, we use APC Overnight or Parcelforce.

For EU & Rest of World orders, it can take between 3-10 working days before your order is received.

Courier Compliance

We currently have a very high delivery success rate. If the delivered package seems to be damaged or a few products seem to be missing during the shipping, due to the courier, we will not attend to any of the circumstances if you have already signed for the package beforehand.

We are always aware of what we ship out, as we weigh each item and order before shipping.

Refund Policy

We will do our best to increase the chance of a successful delivery. If upon arrival into your designated country the shipment is labelled as dangerous or prohibited, any loss incurred due to the destruction of the package will not be compensated in anyway by USP Nicotine.

All our liquid based products are none refundable, due to being consumables. Once used or opened they are deemed to be contaminated.

Ultimately, we cannot attend to any refund, missing item inquiry or exchange that is brought forward after 28 days from when the order was shipped.

These rules are not set in concrete, so feel free to email us as we may be able to help.

There will be no refund for cases that involve personal taste etcetera.

Storage & Quality

All our liquid based products should be stored in a dark, cool space. They must not be exposed to direct sunlight and high temperatures for long periods of time.

Our liquid based products may seem to discolour or darken after a period of time. This is a natural oxidation process, and does not affect the quality of the liquid in any way.

Warnings & Safety

Keep all our liquids in a safe place out of reach from children. Avoid all contact with the eyes and skin; wash with plenty of water immediately if this worse does occur. If swallowed seek immediate medical attention.

Nicotine in its pure form is poisonous and toxic. We only proved a maximum amount of 72mg, however this should still be diluted before use and treated with the utmost care.



Using any of our products is solely the responsibility of the purchasing individual.

We cannot accept responsibility, liability, injury or even in the worse case a fatality arising, as a consequence.